Case Study

Qantas Trigeneration Project with Goldman Energy

26 Dec 2017

5 min read

Goldman Energy together with GridX designed, installed and now operates a 12MW Trigeneration plant for Qantas at Sydney Airport, Mascot. Throughout 2014 Goldman Energy worked alongside GridX and Qantas to produce the plant that supplies 12MW of electricity, 12MW of heating and 22MW of chilled water. As well as being the principle contractors involved with the design, construction, and installation and commissioning, Goldman Energy were also the leading engineering consultant.

Goldman Energy utilised ComAp technology for the overall system control and integration. This Turnkey project shows the capabilities of Goldman Energy, ComAp technology and Trigeneration technology.

As part of the TEDOM Trigeneration packages, Goldman Energy utilised ComAp technology for the overall system control and integration.The GenSet control allows excellent optimisation and visibility of the units from a central plant room. ComAp programming is a vital part of every Trigeneration system and enables the operators and Original equipment suppliers to remotely monitor the system.

The ComAp offering also allows control of other plant equipment without purchasing additional hardware. With 4 ports for inputs and outputs, and the option for modularising the system, the whole plant can be run from a single control panel.

The system makes extensive use of InteliPro, InteliSys NT BB and the InteliVision 8 display for remote monitoring.

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