InteliGateway 101

Order code: CM2GW101BAB

InteliGateway 101 is a versatile communications gateway that seamlessly connects multiple Modbus devices to ComAp’s WebSupervisor and InteliScada monitoring systems. This gateway product is enhanced with new features such as 4G cellular connectivity and GNSS capability. 


The InteliGateway 101 is a new generation of the InteliGateway 100 communication gateway.

  • Third-party Modbus device support
  • 4G connectivity
  • Geolocation
  • Resistant to network outage    
  • Supports remote monitoring through WebSupervisor or InteliScada

Note: If you need to connect the gateway to ComAp controllers over CAN, please use the InteliGateway301.

    InteliGateway 101

An effective communication gateway for Modbus devices, the InteliGateway 101 offers: 

  • Connectivity support for third-party Modbus server devices that are monitored via ComAp’s monitoring tools WebSupervisor and InteliScada
  • Network outage resilience and data protection when the site is down by using a data buffering monitoring system
  • Seamless transition from predecessor products:
      • Same configuration tool and footprint as the predecessor InteliGateway
      • Single click configuration transfer from its predecessor InteliGateway
  • Embedded Modbus client capability with access to Modbus servers via both TCP or RS485
    • One RS485 connector that supports a connection with up to 16 Modbus servers
    • A dedicated Ethernet interface (LAN) that supports a connection with up to 16 servers 
  • Connection to ComAp’s WebSupervisor, cloud-based monitoring system from anywhere, anytime
    • 4G cellular connectivity for situations where there the wired network connectivity is disrupted or not available 
    • Dedicated Ethernet interface (WAN) that enables connection via AirGate technology
    • 512 MB of internal non-volatile memory to buffer data during connectivity issues 
  • Geolocation capability through pre-built satellite-based radio navigation (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS) enabling easy identification of the geographical location of assets  
  • Editable templates for custom devices 

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