Case Study

Backup Power for the National Football Stadium in Warsaw

13 May 2020

5 min read

The UEFA condition for granting the EURO 2012 organisation to Poland was a commitment to build a new stadium in Warsaw equipped with the most modern technologies. The stadium electro installation job including standby electric power generators was entrusted to the Polish company Elektrobudowa. 

ComAp supplied Elektrobudowa with InteliGen NT controller for 2500kVA CAT diesel genset, supplied by the Polish distributor of Caterpillar – Eneria.

InteliGen NT and the CAT diesel gen-set serve as the standby electric power supply for the local technologies and also powers the stadium lights in the event of power failure. 

To assure uninterrupted electric power supply during matches and training sessions, the genset is always fired up in advance and synchronised with the distribution network. Electric power supply from the genset and the power grid is divided 50/50. This means that in the event of power failure during a match (or training session), no power disruptions occur.

When power supply from the power grid is restored, InteliGen NT automatically synchronises the genset back with the grid and the 50/50 use ratio of the two sources is reactivated. At the end of the match, the genset is unloaded and turned off. Between matches, the system stays in the stand-by mode, ready to be used in the instance of a power grid failure.

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